Recently, Maddie designed and created an iMessage sticker pack in Xcode, combining her love of programming and her passion for food allergy advocacy into one project. 


People with food allergies are often put in awkward situations when they’re asked to go to parties or other social events, and they have to make sure the food and environment are safe for them. How to bring up this conversation can create a lot of anxiety and stress. This Food Allergy iMessage Sticker Pack is an easy, fun, and light-hearted way for people to break the ice, and bring attention to their food allergies. The sticker pack includes a set of over 40 different stickers that people can drag into their messaging conversations on iPhone and iPad.



Maddie designed and created an iMessage sticker pack for her FIRST Robotics Team, the Janksters. 

Team 1967, The Janksters, is an all-girls high school robotics team from San Jose, California, whose mission is to create a community of learners who love to explore engineering and robotics. As a student-focused team, members work to create and build a robot, learn key skills, such as teamwork, leadership, and service, and support the representation of women in the robotics, technology, and engineering fields. This sticker pack is a great way to spread Jankster spirit, and support the team!


As Programming Lead on FIRST Robotics Team 1967, Maddie has developed software for manually and autonomously controlling robotic mechanisms and equipment, including accelerometers, cameras, encoders, gyros, joysticks, limit switches, motors, pistons/solenoids, and speed controllers. She managed programmers, taught C++, and collaboratively developed on-robot code for use in competition.

Here, you can find a link to the GitHub repository for Maddie's FRC Team:


During the summer of 2018, Maddie worked as an Embedded Software intern at NVIDIA. She worked in a group with three other high school interns, writing code that taught a humanoid robot to recognize different human gestures and respond to them. This opportunity allowed her to gain valuable programming experience, network with co-workers, and gain real-world STEM experience. 

Here, please find the GitHub repository for her project:

This article talks about her group's project: